Sidewalk Concrete Lifting

Raising and leveling sidewalks

Sidewalk concrete lifting is a cost effective way to restore a good concrete slab to its original position.

There really is no need to rip out good concrete, when the soil it is sitting on is really the problem.


Serving the Chicagoland, Kenosha Wi and Surrounding Areas.


Sidewalk Concrete Lifting

Correcting settled concrete sidewalks & walkway hazards, is less expensive than replacing the concrete. Our Mudjacking and poly lifting system is quick, clean and will permanently remove any safety or liability issues at your property.

These are often the least expensive repairs and you will see an immediate aesthetic improvement to your property. For property owners, sidewalks and walkways create the biggest liability when it comes to trip hazards.

US Concrete Lifters can help property owners pevent trip and fall accidents. A simple trip and fall can cost tens of thousands of dollars in law suits. Repairing sidewalk areas  quickly and effectively is important for the tenants and guests.

Visitors and teneants will enjoy coming to you without tripping over settled concrete walkways.

We provide both Mud jacking and Poly lifting processes. Both processes work for all concrete lifting projects. Each has there advantages, when you contact US Concrete Lifters, we will provide you with an estimate for both mud jacking and poly lifting options.

We provide the best cost-effective and long-lasting repair solution specifically tailored to your sunken concrete needs.


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    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

    Check Out The Testimonials From Our Happy Customers Below


    Professional, efficient and clean

    Our front sidewalk had settled alot. It was a trip hazard and it drained water to our house. This year I called your company and your crew came out and did a fantasic job. They raised our sidewalk in less than an hour. This repair was so much less than replacement, and a 10 yr warranty.

    Thank you

    Julie S.

    Residential, Wheeling, IL


    I was so impressed with your crew today. They came today and did a great job lifting my patio back in place.

    Your company saved me over 5000.00 compared to replacing the patio. I will use that money to take my wife on a nice vacation this winter. Thanks once again

    Steve K.

    Residential, Deerfield, IL

     Thank You,

    Your team came out the other day to fix our driveway.

    I am amazed at how good it looks. I had high expectaions and your crew exceeded my expectaions by 100 fold.

    They were efficent, clean and quick.

    My husband loves the driveway now.

    Mary G.

    Residential, Schaumburg, IL


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