Chicagos MudJacking, Poly Lifting Concrete Experts

Lifting settled concrete is what we do.

Saving money is what you do.

Poly Lifting Concrete

Poly Lifting Concrete, What was once used only for airports, highways and goverment projects. Is now availble for all residential and commercial concrete lifting projects

Serving the Chicagoland, Kenosha Wi and Surrounding Areas.

Our Professional MudJacking & Poly Lifting Systems 

Will put your concrete back on the level.

Saving you time and money.


  • Concrete slabs can often be lifted for less than half the cost of replacement.                                                  
  • Concrete lifting is much cleaner than replacement without disruption of pavement or landscaping.                                
  • Concrete lifting is much faster than replacement with work areas frequently being ready for use the 20 minutes after completion of lifting.
  • Don’t pay thousands of dollars for replacing concrete. When it can be lifted back up for alot less.


What is Mud Jacking? 

Mudjacking is a time tested process, which hydraulically injects a mixture of clay, limestone, sand and cement under the pavment to lift the conrete back into place. This process has been used since the 1920’s. Now we use more modern equipment with engines.

Mudjacking is perfect for the budget minded client. Mudjacking is about 70% cheaper than replacing your concrete, and is normally completed in less than an hour, depending on the size of the project.

Mudjacking can be the perfect solution for your settled concrete.

What is Poly Lifting?

Poly lifting is a process similiar to mudjacking, but injects a high density poly urethane expanding foam.

Poly lifting foam is so strong that 80,000 lb semi trucks can drive over the pavement in as little as 15 miutes after injection.

Poly Lifting which was once reserved for airports, highways and commericial projects. Is now available for residential projects as well.

The cost of Poly Lifting concrete has dropped dramatically since it came off patent in the early 2000’s and is about 50-70% cheaper than replacing your Concrete.

Poly Lifting does come with a 5 Year  warranty!

Why Does Concrete Settle?

Concrete settles for a variety of reasons. In The Chicago area frost heaving, clay shrinkage during hot and dry seasons are very common. Poor back fill and compactation of the sub grade soils during construction are also a very common problem.

Water, poor drainage issues, cracks in the concrete that allow water to infiltrate under the concrete will speed up the settling of the soil under concrete. 

Mudjacking and Poly lifting concrete can lift your concrete pavement back up and eliminate dangerous tripping hazards.

So Which Is Better? Mudjacking or Poly Lifting

Actually Both Lift Concrete Very Well. 

It Really Comes Down To Cost & Warranty

How Concrete is Mudjacked

Includes a 2 year Warranty

How Concrete is Poly Lifted 

Includes A 5 Year Warranty

driveway mudjacking polylifting
Driveway concrete lifting
Garage floor concrete lifting
Steps-and-stoops mucjacking poly lifting
steps and stoops mudjacking poly lifting
Sidewalk mudjacking polylifting
Driveway concrete lifting
steps and stoops mudjacking poly lifting
Sidewalk mudjacking polylifting

You May Be Surprised to Find Out, How Concrete Lifting Lasts Longer & Costs Less Than You think.

Professional Concrete Lifting Costs On Average 50-70% Less Compared to Concrete Replacemet.

Concrete Lifting Takes Only A Few Hours To Complete. Not 4 Days Like Concrete Replacement.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Check Out The Testimonials From Our Happy Customers Below

Your crew arrived on time and explained the process to me before they started. Your crew was efficent and took the time to answer all of my questions. Great job to you and the crew.

I couldnt be happier. In less than 2 hours it is a complete transformation.

Peggy N.

Residential client, Grayslake IL

I wanted to be home to watch your crew work today. Why I dont know, your team is like a well oiled machine. They showed up on time, looked at the patio and started working. In less than an hour my patio was transformed back to it orignal placement.

Great job!

Gary K

Residential client, Algonquin IL

I just wanted to let you know that the bump at my garage door was driving me crazy, I had an estimate for 8600.00 to replace my driveway. The lifting your crew did an amazing job today. lifrting my concrete saved me 6800.00 of dollars.

Thank you

Tony M.

Residential client, Island lake IL

The sidewalk along the side of the house where it was pitched towards the house always made me nervous when it rained. I can sleep easy now knowing the water is going away from the house. Thank you so much for an outstanding repair. Your team is very professional.

Suzie P

Residential client, Naperville IL


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