Basement Floor Concrete Lifting

Basement Concrete lifting

A settled concrete floor is frustrating. When finishing off your basement, it is an extension of your home.

It is important evrything is just right. Start with a level floor to enjoy the extra space they way you want to enjoy it.


Serving the Chicagoland, Kenosha Wi and Surrounding Areas.

Basements floor lifting and leveling

Polyurethane is ideal for lifting and leveling basement floors, where access is limited and low intrusion is necessary.

Even in finished areas of the basement, injections can be made by making small incisions in the carpet or injecting in inconspicuous areas. US Concrete Lifters treats the underlying soil, creating an impermeable barrier to moisture while raising and leveling the floor.

Homeowners are then advised to improve the drainage around their home, and when addressed properly, your basement can be enjoyed for many, many more years!

When you need concrete repair in your basement in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Contact US Concrete Lifters today.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Check Out The Testimonials From Our Happy Customers Below

Professional, efficient and clean

Our front sidewalk had settled alot. It was a trip hazard and it drained water to our house.

This year I call your company and your crew came out and did a fantasic job fixing our sidewalk in less than an hour.

This repair was so much less than replacement how could you not try this, and a 10 yr warranty Just fantasic!

Thank you

Julie S.

Residential, Wheeling, IL


I was so impressed with your crew today. they came today and did a great job lifting my patio back in place.

Your company saved me over 5000.00 compared to replacing the patio. I will use that money to take my wife on a nice vacation this winter. Thanks once again

Steve K.

Residential, Deerfield, IL

 Thank You,

Your team came out the other day to fix our driveway.

I didnt think it would look so good. I had high expectaions and your crew exceeded my expectaions by 100 fold.

They were efficent, clean and quick.

My husband love the driveway now.

Mary G.

Residential, Schaumburg, IL


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