Driveway Concrete Lifting

is a cost effective way to restore a good concrete slab to its original position. There really is no need to rip out good concrete, when the soil it is sitting on is really the problem.

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Driveway Concrete Lifting

Raising and leveling large concrete areas such as driveways and garage aprons is far more cost-effective thanconcrete replacement. Mudjacking or poly Lifting is the right solution to your sunken concrete.

Spilling your morning coffee on your clean clothes, or worse children trip and fall when walking or playing in the driveway. It is a amazing of what an inch can do. Now is the time to fix your setlled concrete.

Unlike replacement, Mud Jacking and polyurethane concrete lifting products will help stabilize the softer soil which concrete replacement alone will not do.

The Mud Jacking or Polyurethane concrete lifting repair process can be performed without disrupting the landscape. Best of all, you can park your vehicles on your driveway again by the time we’ve pulled away!

Some driveways have sunk alot over the years. It is not uncommon to see and repair 3 and 4 inch elevation changes from the garage or sidewalk to the driveway. 

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